Class Descriptions

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The Art Spot is a fine arts studio suited for most 2-Dimensional media. This includes Oil paints, Acrylics, Watercolors, Charcoal, Pencil, Pastel, Colored Pencil and Pen & Ink.

Most classes are designed for beginners and intermediate students. Visit the Adult Schedule or the Children's Schedule to find out which classes have all the materials provided and which ones do not. There you will also find the enrollment fees for each class.

Studio Drawing

For ages 10-13
This drawing class is for young artists looking to experience and learn how to draw. While basic techniques will be covered, our instructors are experts at guiding levels of each learner individually. No drawing experience necessary! Students will learn how to shade three dimensional objects including highlights and shadow, start and complete well-composed works of art and mix colors. A variety of subject will be explored which may include still life, landscape/cityscape, portraiture, figure drawing, abstract, Op-art, perspective drawing and illustration. Throughout the course students will learn valuable techniques in a variety of media. Some of the media may include: graphite pencils, charcoal, colored pencils, pen, ink & marker, and/or water-soluble pencils. Instructors are CT licensed professionals.

Drawing & Painting

For ages 14-Adult
This course is extremely flexible in that you are free to choose your medium of choice(painting or drawing) and the subject matter that you want to pursue. If you have little to no drawing or painting experience or would simply like to learn more advanced techniques and get a better understanding of the art creating process, this is the class for you. Progress at your own pace and learn through one on one instruction throughout a 2 hour class. Topics of study include basic drawing and basic painting, Still life, landscape painting, 3-D shading, rendering, perspective drawing, figure drawing, portraiture, color theory, composition, canvas stretching, advanced materials study and more. You will learn to see the world around you and make the art creating process much more quantifiable than before!

Art Workshop for Children

For ages 6-9
The ART Spot offers year round classes for children. These young learners will experience a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, and fiber art. All of our children’s classes are instructed by certified professionals Teachers with a license to teach art K-12 in the State of Connecticut. The classes take place in a fine arts studio but the curriculum is designed specific for young minds and attention spans.


For High School Aged Students - Adults

Currently I offer online help for high school students in need of an art portfolio. Please visit me at to get expert advice on building an art portfolio worthy of a college scholarship

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